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Air Conditioning at Harborne Garage Selly Oak

At Harborne Garage we can look after your vehicle’s Air-Con requirements. Manufacturers recommend your A/C system is serviced every 2 years to maintain efficiency and reduce bacteria. So don’t wait until it stops working, it could cause you more issues in the long run.

Do you know if your air con is working properly?

A fully functioning A/C system brings you several major benefits:

  • Reduces the amount of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in the atmosphere
  • Increases the life of your vehicle’s air con system
  • Ensures the correct temperatures are being reached
  • Reduces pollen and pollution entering your car
  • Saves you money!

What’s involved in an Air Con Service

Air Conditioning Selly Oak

With an Air Conditioning service, the system is drained of A/C gas and PAG/POE oil. Then, a test is carried out to detect any major leaks on the system. Your A/C system is then re-gassed and the oil refilled.

Fault Finding

Air Conditioning Selly Oak

We can help you to get your A/C system back in working order. Sometimes component failure or leaks in the Air Conditioning system can cause the gas to deplete prematurely from the system and it stops working all together.

New Gas? No Problem!

As the environment becomes increasingly more important, the motor industry is adapting. In 2017 it become mandatory for vehicles to be running on the newer, more environmentally friendly, air-con gas (1234-yf).

At Harborne we have the latest equipment to service your air conditioning system. Whether it’s the ‘old style (134a)’ or the ‘new style (1234-yf)’ gas, we can carry out your air conditioning service.

Harborne Garage are here to help with your Air Conditioning Service & repair needs.

Top Tip!

Use your air conditioning regularly! People that only fire up their A/C when the sun is out often encounter issues with the functionality of their Air-Con system. There is no reason why you shouldn’t have your air conditioning functioning in the colder months, it helps to filter harmful bacteria and is a great help when de-misting windows.

For all of your Air Conditioning needs contact Harborne Garage.

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