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Diagnostics at Harborne Garage

Modern day motor vehicles are full of technology and gadgets. Sadly this technology can go wrong which is where diagnostics Selly Oak comes in.

Your vehicle is full of sensors, all of which communicate through the CAN (Central Area Network) and report back to the main ECU (Electronic Control Unit) on your vehicle. The CAN is like a human nervous system and the ECU is like the brain. When a sensor is not reading correctly or detects a malfunction, it often stores a fault within the vehicle, potentially bringing on a warning light.

Some warning lights can be a notification of something minor, but if a warning light comes on in your vehicle you should always get it checked out. If you’re unsure, consult your owner’s manual and or give us a call.

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How does diagnostics work?

Diagnostics Selly Oak

We have comprehensive diagnostic equipment and highly trained technicians to enable us to trace faults on your vehicle. Your vehicle has an OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) port which allows us to connect our diagnostic kit to your vehicle to find any faults stored within the system. A common misconception is, a diagnostic check tells us what the problem is, however it’s not quite that simple.

Our diagnostic tools enable us to read fault codes stored in the fault memory, these indicate the sensor and area that a fault has occurred. This is just the starting point. Depending on the fault, then a series of checks have to be carried out to determine where the fault is and what has caused it. With access to dealer specific information, diagnostic tools and many years’ experience we are on the road to finding the fault.

Performance and economy are demanded from every vehicle.

Because this can’t be taken for granted, we use Bosch test equipment to highlight any deficiencies.

Diagnostics Selly Oak

Whatever your vehicles fault, we can help:

  • Electronic diesel control systems
  • Anti-lock braking systems
  • Fuel injection systems
  • Engine Management
  • Airbag systems

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This short video explains how the CAN (Central Area Network) communicates with the ECU (Electronic Control unit) in your vehicle.