As we all know the automotive industry is developing all the time with new technologies such as, EV and Hybrid vehicles.

Here at Harborne Garage Limited, we are aware of this and have put new investments into our garage including, 2 new HEVRA charging points and sent our technicians on the newest and most up-to-date courses for both now and the future.

Sales information of EV and Hybrid Vehicles:

Carmarks sold over 190,000 battery electric cars across the UK last year, accounting for around 11.6% of total sales in 2021.

The 3 types of Electric Vehicles:

Battery Electric Vehicles – (BEV’s)
Powered solely by an electric battery with no gas engine parts.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles – (PHEV’s)
Similar to a hybrid but with a larger battery and an electric motor.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle – (HEV’s)
This type of electric vehicle combines an internal combustion engine (ICE) with a battery powered electric motor. This vehicle seamlessly and automatically switches between the 2 power sources. The battery is charged by the engine and also regenerative braking.

We have installed 2 Rolec charging points on our premises which are compatible with all Plug-In vehicles. The charging point can be accessed using the “VENDELECTRIC” app and/or RFID FOBS.

Here are the locations of our chargers aswell as our new floor:

Proud to be members of HEVRA

We’re members of HEVRA, the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Repair Alliance. This means we meet HEVRA standards for staff training and equipment, and have access to detailed vehicle-specific repair information and technical support to provide you with the best possible service for your electric car.

Along with other forward-thinking garages around the country, we contribute to HEVRA research and development which improves fault-finding and repair procedures for electric cars, to keep you on the road now and into the future. You can find out more about HEVRA at www.hevra.org.uk

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