‘I have used Harborne Garage for 20 years to service, repair and restore my BMW’s, Audi’s, Mercedes plus the odd classic car. They are a highly competent professional garage.

I think from experience they are much better than the BMW main agents, better equipped, more experienced and can actually repair car rather than just brainlessly fit parts that in my experience often are not needed, being recommended by highly ‘sales incentivised’ service managers. I became exasperated with Sytner Central BMW when my cars were often returned more broken than when I dropped them off! Trim hanging off, handbrakes not even being adjusted on a service, billing me for tappets adjustment on my M5, when they are — in fact — self-adjusting hydraulic! This was compounded by a nonchalant BMW service manager, who thought it unreasonable to complain about a handbrake that would not hold my car on the incline in their own car park after a service!

At just over half the franchised dealer labour rate, better, fair, helpful, long term customer thinking, and a relative bargain to boot. Every garage should take a leaf out of Harborne Garages’s book.’